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GBA Logistics India Pvt. Ltd is centrally located in Mumbai and ideally suited to provide expertise in finished vehicle logistics to manufacturers, ports and shipping lines throughout India. Our UK operations have the resource and experience to support the implementation of logistics solutions to world quality standards in a high volume market. We believe we are ideally positioned to take logistics in India to the next level.

GBA’s Objectives

Our objectives are to support and assist Indian Automobile Manufacturers to penetrate world markets with quality driven logistics from end of production line to final user by bringing together unique features available in India.

Key Skills

Over the years, our team has developed and cultivated a level of skill that would benefit the Indian Automotive sector in developing the demands of logistics to facilitate the rapid growth in vehicle production over the next 5 to 10 years.

Through our:

  • Extensive knowledge of the local culture and needs
  • Local expertise within automotive logistics
  • Knowledge of quality standards
  • Ability to apply and deliver manufacturing quality standards
  • Full understanding of customer demands on quality and lead times
  • Recognition of cost pressures on manufacturers
  • Realisation of hidden costs
  • IT Infrastructure to manage complete logistics chain


In working towards an optimum logistics solution in India, we have formed close relationships with major ports both private and state owned, in developing terminal facilities to handle large volumes of vehicles through the ports to create synergies that will benefit vehicle manufacturers, ports, shipping lines and land based logistics providers in road and rail.


The anticipated rise in vehicle exports from India to the rest of the world will demand refined logistics solutions. We believe GBA has the pedigree to provide the True Logistics Solution.