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Port Agency

Port Agency

GBA’s port agency covers all major ports nation-wide. We have experienced port based staff, ensuring a personal and professional service.

Why use GBA’s Port Agency

  • Experienced staff
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week operations
  • All types of vessels
  • Full husbandry/protecting agents
  • State of the Art IT System
  • Advanced up-to-date electronic communications
  • Established Agents
  • Proactive Approach
  • Good Communications
  • Able to negotiate on behalf of principals
  • Electronic Integrated Data Flow to centrally co-ordinate and monitor in real time.

Tailored Husbandry Services

Our husbandry services are tailored to suit the vessel. Our experienced staff provide:

  • Mail delivery
  • Laundry services
  • Fresh water
  • Provisions
  • Ship chandlery
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Control of services ordered and related expenses
  • Management of ordered services ensuring 3rd parties perform and deliver services and products as requested
  • Cost efficient delivery of spares and services
  • Disbursement account handling

Crew Services

Our staff have many years experience in assisting ship owners with crew changes. Our services include:-

  • Confirmation to customer of practical details, names and flight details
  • Hotels, land transport, launches
  • Visa provision
  • Meeting & pick-up
  • Booking of flights and purchase of tickets
  • Crew supervision
  • Arrangement of medical and dental services
  • Regular visits and follow up of hospitalised crew

Further information

For further information about GBA Group and our Port Agency services, then please contact us